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Kicks aren’t just for walking and Max Knight took on a new challenge in shoe fanaticism.  The designer originally created this for Intersection magazine giving us a brand new option for getting around town.  This piece entails engineering, fashion, design, culture all in one and it will not only be moving people but a stream of inspirational originality.  Imagine what else can be made with shoes?  We are accustomed to seeing shoes as a final product rather than a material to biuld something else and that is what makes this walking bike so brilliant.

Remember what it felt like to ride a bike?  The human body is mobilized beyond the two feet and ergonomically transforms our movement through space by metamorphsis of legs into streamlined wheels.  It feels like being half-bike, half-man cruising the city in a speed that forces immediate reception of everything in one’s surroundings.



Now, take that experience and replace the wheels with designer high tops machinery is being brought back to our feet. This bike can be ridden although its not the smoothest ride on the road, the concept is still fresh.  Good design maintains form and serves function, but a great design is one that brings art and craftsmanship together in a relatable and aesthetically appealing manner.  Lined with the hottest rubber soles off the street, the Smurf-blue frame has been upgraded to a whole new level in the wheel-kingdom.

The question to always ask is, are you riding your bike or is your bike riding you? 

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