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Before I start, think about a G-Unit with no 50 cent, or a Sex and the City without SJP? It has been confirmed that Steve Carell (our beloved Michael Scott) will be leaving the cast of ‘The Office‘, an NBC favorite when his contract expires after season 7.  Unfortunatley, the fate of The Office might be fragile after Michael Scott’s departure.

Steve Carell is the essence of everyday office antics and as weird as he is, everyone knows someone in their lives who is a little bit like the amiable Michael Scott.  Notorious for his taboo comments and innocent yet crass bursts of honesty, Michael Scott remains the central character throughout the 5 seasons. Many story lines have been fleshed out, Jim and Pam receded to the background after getting married and having a baby as Kelly and Erin’s jokes are up in flames.  Ryan gets a new hipster look, and Dwight’s mack-tastic game with women is at a whole new level.

We’re sad to see him go but if it comes down to Dunder Mifflin getting a new boss, who can replace the sweet awkwardness of Michael Scott?  The silver lining is that the characters on the show play substantive and developed roles, forming a ratpack of comedians that can absord a new major character. We rounded up a list of contenders who may become the new regional manager of the Scranton branch.




The Game will definitely bring Henny, Alize, and Remy into the office for an early happy hour and maybe hot bootied sex-retaries, no offense Erin.  The Office crew will get schooled on the A to Z’s of getting G’d up and iced out.  We can safely assume that Andy will be the first up for an awkward confrontation with the new scary boss and hopefully he won’t say anything to accidentally offend The Game.




Diddy was destined to be a boss and answer to no one but himself.  His stern disciplined ways will whip things into shape in Scranton and they will be selling a lot more than paper by the end of that season.  Diddy is an entrepreneur and everything he touches turns to dope, it’s debatable whether Jim or Dwight will be the first to get a whoopin’ for not torturing each other instead of working.




Jim Carrey is right along the same plane as Michael Scott when it comes to butt jokes. Carrey’s name never fails to conjure up the psychotic characters he brings to life.  The way he artfully carries schizophrenic characters will probably work in his favor at The Office.  Jim Carrey belongs in an office suited and tied-up as much as a peacock which is why we will give him a chance.  There will be jokes but will they be selling paper and doing work? Questionable. 

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