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I don’t want to waste a lot of time saying how much I appreciate being made a part of the Global Grind team, I’d rather tell you all why I am here and where I intend to go with your attention while I have it. This year, 2010, is a critical midterm election year and President Obama is not on the ballot, however, the power of the youth vote is as strong as it was then if not more. I host this radio show, On Point, where I use artists to discuss issues both political and social – for an 18-35 audience. I seem to be good at getting some artists to see that they actually do have an opinion, just as you do. The show, like all of my other work in politics has no partisan position, I just want you all to avail yourselves of the process, there is I still believe power in the process and power in you.

My least favorite comment to hear is “I’m not political”. Not to be rude – but that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. A politician and some act of politics dictates everything from how much tax you pay on goods, where your children go to school, to how much is enough to pay you for your labor. Not political? What you can and can not do – legally, is determined by the same thing too. I don’t understand being unengaged with something that has a hand in so much of my day to day life. I don’t understand choosing to act as though you were powerless and you’re not. I also don’t understand giving away your vote because it’s easier than forming an opinion of your own. We’ve got to do better than that, however, I am not criticizing – I am offering insight instead.


Right now there are things happening, some acts of God, others the acts of careless and/or men – in the weeks ahead these occurrences will become examples for and against different people’s political positions. Don’t be toyed with emotionally, pay attention and listen in between the lines, look beyond smiles. Off shore drilling will affect a number of U.S. citizens, in both positive and negative ways.

Don’t let someone else weigh the options for you. Immigration reform and states taking their own action like we saw in Arizona, will be coming out of the woodwork all over the country – as fear is easier to spread than the truth. Net Nuetrality could change the music industry and media industry as we have come to know it, what if we couldn’t mixtape ourselves to recognition before being signed to a deal? Be paying attention to what’s going on around you, what happens over there becomes right where you are quicker than you may think.

This is but the beginning, along the way I seek to inspire you – but the work will fall on you in the end. I won’t be able to run down every person running for office in each of your cities, but the fundamentals are always the same in campaigns, understanding what to look for helps you find what you believe represents you – no matter where you are. It’s just that simple. You might not be a Republican or a Democrat, you might not think that matters as much as how public schools and recreation centers are funded, maybe you know someone that was laid off…maybe you don’t. Between now and November 2, 2010 allow me to show politics to you in a new light. When it’s all said and done all that I ask is that you vote for some one that stands for something that you do as well.


Not only do I come offering the insight of a campaign strategist and former operative, I also come willing to help you get involved if you feel like you just don’t know where to begin. Don’t be