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The mid-term election results reveal that many Americans are frustrated.

If you believe the latest polls, most Americans blame Wall Street, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama (in that order) for the economy and the current state of America.

However, my point is not to do what the Democratic and Republican establishment does and blame one another.

My purpose is to find common ground and learn from what’s working.

In my heart (and history proves) that building meaningful relationships and traditional organizing, like going door to door and talking to voters, still works.

The mid-term elections reminded us that people are tired of elected officials from all parties in Washington not doing what they were elected to do.


As someone who walks, breathes, and lives politics, I know that politics involves different levels of government – from the President to the Congress to the Supreme Court – working together.

I know that we’re gonna have to get more involved to hold our elected officials accountable and not sit back waiting for Barack, Sarah Palin, or some other rising star to save us.

I know that watching TV polls and sending updates on twitter does not equal the kind of work necessary to get substantial social change in America.

We will see the change that we know is possible only if we acknowledge and recognize our power.

I know that many of us who campaigned for Barack two years ago were hoping for more substantial movement in regards to the economy, immigration reform, and other critical issues.

One after another, issues that many of us care deeply about were disregarded or moved to the back of the White House agenda.

And one by one, I saw people begin to lose hope and interest.

I saw people forget that believing in ourselves and organizing day in and day out got Barack elected to the White House and allowed Republicans to take control of the House.

So, I’m not frustrated by the election results but reminded of our potential to change America if we step up our efforts and work in ways that combine the movements of the past with those of the future. 


Imagine what would happen if we utilized FaceBook and Twitter to outreach to millions of people and then millions of people actually showed up at a rally, sit-in, or demonstration advocating for more green jobs and dignity in the workplace.

Imagine what would happen if young people joined forces with those who once believed in the power of direct action organizing and set the agenda for communities and neighborhoods all across America.

Imagine what would happen if we, as individuals and as a country, consciously decided to stop listening to the lies on television and actually started talking to our neighbors and building community the old-fashioned way, one relationship at a time.

I know that change never comes easy and that’s why I’m still hopeful that we’ll throw away our Democrat, Republican, or Independent masks and begin treating each other as people who believe in creating a world that will provide for all of our children.

Regardless of what you believe in, the fact is that America will never be the same again and that m