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Hey Loves!

It’s your girl Courtnee Mason from VH1’s “You’re Cut Off!”. Ok so a lots been going on… please know this I will do better lol. I have been preparing for the Miss Black North Carolina USA 2011 Pageant and let’s just say to whom MUCH is GIVEN MUCH is REQUIRED! I wanted you all to know why I chose to do this pageant and what I plan to do with my local title as Miss Black Charlotte NC USA 2011 and what I plan to do if I capture the state title this November 11-13, 2010!

I cannot express how much the importance of BELIEVING is! This year I have chosen a platform that is not the TYPICAL platform but something that means the world to me and that I live my life by; in which I chose the platform “I BELIEVE”.  For me the Miss Black NC USA Pageant has nothing to do with winning a beautiful crown and parading around stage, but it has everything with elevating, inspiring and uplifting the community in more ways than one. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to someone else happy and living their dreams! There is so much going on in the world that people have begun to just simply “EXIST” and not “LIVE”.  No matter what political party you are a part of …. It is time for CHANGE in every area of our lives!

It’s time to bring back the little kid in us, you remember when you were a little child and you might have had an imaginary friend or you wanted to be a doctor, lawyer or a business owner and there was NO ONE in the world that couldn’t tell you that your imaginary friend didn’t exist or that you couldn’t be what you wanted. Remember that… well what happened?! What happened is that society told you what you could and couldn’t do, because society is the very thing that is scared of it’s greatness! Stop being scared of what it is you are capable of doing and or becoming!!



Soon enough I will be able to fill you in on my plans for men, women and children to be a part of….every now and again we ALL need a little boost of encouragement.  It is time to feed our minds, bodies and spirit! Great things are in store for those who believe! Confession brings Possession! Romans 4:17 (truth)!

Ladies and Gentleman I’m asking that you vote for me for People’s Choice for the Miss Black NC USA Pageant 2011 each vote is $1.00 (example: 10 votes equal $10.00). I am trying to start a movement by simply reinstating the faith back into those who simply lost their dreams!

To vote for me (Courtnee Mason) here at People’s Choice. Also follow me on Twitter or visit my Facebook Fan Page. To learn more about me, please visit my website!

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