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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Word on the street is actress Natalie Portman is keeping quiet over her relationship with choreographer Benjamin Millepied because she doesn&rsquo;t want to be projected as a home wrecker. Millepied, 32&mdash; A New York City Ballet dancer, is choreographing Natalie in her new movie The Black Swan.</p><p>Reports suggest that Natalie was the reason behind Millepied&rsquo;s break up with his girlfriend of three years. &ldquo;They&rsquo;ve been dating since the fall, all the while he HAD A LIVE-IN girlfriend!</p><p>&ldquo;But the real reason she was quiet about things is that Ben had a live-in girlfriend of three years when they met. Ben&rsquo;s girlfriend was a ballerina at the American Ballet Theater. She had been talking about marrying him and was very blindsided by the split. She moved out right after New Year&rsquo;s Eve,&rdquo; added the source.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>