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Big shout to for locking in on this dope interview with Lenny S. of Def Jam Records. Lenny is an industry vet with a lot of stripes in the game, mostly dealing with the hardest part of the music business, handling the creative process that artists go though to record an album. He’s worked with them all from his days at Roc-A-Fella to his nights at Def Jam. He’s mostly known for working closely with Jay-Z for the majority of his storied career. Whenever he could, Lenny would take snapshots of intimate moments as well as the highlights of Jay’s journey in pop life.

This all wouldn’t mean much if Lenny didn’t hold some amazing stories to share with us all. There is one story in particular you should as him about when you see him. Bring up what he had to do to keep the show going at Madison Square Garden when R. Kelly pulled that walk-off the stage stunt. Amazing how the Jay-Z crew pulled things together. Check this video and learn a thing or twelve.


Meet ‘The Kodak Man’ Lenny S. [FULL Interview]!!! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.