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Women are looked at for our style and grace, but people rarely like to hear what we have to say. I have been working in the industry for 10 plus years and I’m still fighting for my well deserved respect. I have been heard from Chicago to Los Angeles, which shows that people really enjoy what I bring to the game. On top of being heard all over, I have a degree. Not many personalities can actually say that with a straight face. I’m not trying to throw shade; I’m just being real and honest. Me, myself I’m from Boston but I have been a driving force in New York City and the tri-state area for a minute now. Radio is all about where you are, and I knew I had to leave Boston if I really wanted to make a name for myself and I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done.

Sometimes I really look at the radio industry as high school. Cliques are broken up by radio stations. The jocks are basically competing for those prom king and queen crowns. When I go out to socialize they treat me like the geek on bleachers. But if you check the stats I have been number ONE in my time slot since I arrived on the New York scene. At one time I had beef with Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97. I have love for everyone who has love for me, but the disrespect among my peers is just disheartening. I was actually called a “bitch” live on air, while Flex’s co-workers co-signed. I have tough skin, but come on how old are we? Now the thing that probably gets under my skin the most is the diss from the ladies in the game. We all know how hard it is to get respect in this industry, so for us to go as low to bash one another it saddens me.

I have to say my fans keep me going most of all. The love and respect I receive every night is so humbling. That’s why it so easy for me to shrug off the haters and the naysayers. I have one of the strongest teams behind me from my boss, Cadillac, my publicist, Mecca Moore, to my interns. I’m taking my brand to the next level, and the sky is so not the limit for me. I’m seeing pass that.

With that being said, Mondays on my show is themed BAN Mondays. I get tons of calls every hour from listeners wanting to BAN things from fashion statements to politics and everything in between.

I want to take a note from one of my recent guest LaLa Vazquez and co-sign her BAN which was HATERS! I want to BAN every MAN who feels the need to be negative and call another female out of her name! I want to BAN every WOMAN who doesn’t support another female in this industry knowing how hard it is in a male dominated field. And MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to BAN EVERYONE who feels it’s okay and continuously encourages unhealthy competition.

I appreciate those who have supported me and believed in my movement even when I felt like giving up.

To my colleagues: DJ Envy, DJ Clue, Ed Lover, Malikha Mallette, Déjà vu, Prostyle, Dj Self, DJ SussOne, Ty Boogie, DJ Nore, DJ Will, DJ Kut, DJ Whuteva, Lady Chellez, Jovonn, Marnell (emez), Cliffset, Lady O and Kim Kane I respect you all and everything that you do.

To my bosses: Cadillac and G spin: I thank you for letting me BE ME! Even though I can be a bit much at times. LOL!


Genuinely Yours,