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Are you just like me? I can tell from the first few seconds of a song if it’ll be one of those joints I’m gonna have on repeat for awhile. I’m known to run a song in the ground if I like it, and if it’s a new joint with a grooving soul tint to it and the words speak to me… who knows, I’ll play it a gazillon times in a row.

I’ve been like that since I can remember. Most of the time I play it cus of the music, but my earliest memory of repeating a hip-hop song was to lock in the lyrics of Dana Dane’s ‘Nightmares’. I mean aside from my obsession with Skyy’s ‘High’ I didn’t purposly bring a tune back without regard to how many times the people around me heard it. My Mom would hate when I got on that shit. But a kid at school could spit ‘Nightmares’ word for word. I couldn’t be the coolest kid in 5th grade and not be up on the hottest song of the moment. So I sat in front of that gray Sanyo radio, recorded the song off either Red Alert or Mr. Magic to a tissue stuffed cassette lodged in the front view deck and preceded to rewind that long ass song at least one hundred times. It was a habit that hasn’t stopped to this day.

Right now I’m listening to a Radio Rip of ‘Taxi’ by Mos Def that is  straight off my man Sucio Smash’s Squeeze Radio show. The fact that it’s not a clean CDQ version doesn’t even bother me. The song is so dope it doesn’t even faze me that there is talking and radio call outs over it. I’m used to that type of I interference from years of recording music off underground radio. I enjoy the raspy sound and look to it as the seasoning for being hip to a song early. So take a listen to a cleaner version of my song of the moment straight from the original recording session at Dame Dash’s new creative space DD172 a.k.a 24 Hour Karate School. Gotta love those cats.

Bonus Heat: J.Rocc for Supreme mixtape
If you are a soul sample head like myself then download this incredible work of art and keep it on repeat. You’ll hear gems from The Beatnuts, Q-Tip, AZ, J Dilla and many more. Having tracks that give you the foundation to the tunes you hear today is essential in building your music knowledge game. Study up.

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