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Hello it’s @MissKeriBaby here.

This summer I will not be going on any vacations! I went straight from working on my last album, to my last show and I moved straight to L.A to start working with Timbaland and Polow (da don) for my next album. I definitely have not time to sit down yet, not time for vacations, I still have more to do.

My next album should be coming out later on this year and I’m excited about it’s release! I really wanted to do an album to tell women to be confident, no matter what their circumstances. You have to push trough, don’t yield at the first sign of adversity. The theme of this event is celebrating the journey and not the success.

My personal journey was over twelve years long. I had to sit back and be a songwriter when my first goal was to be an artist. I know a lot of women who just have given up, so I want them to have the same tenacity and drive that men have. I really went there on this album.


I have been picked as the new face of Avon and It’s definitely a big deal. What I love most about Avon is that they have employed so many women, women of all types and ages. They give women the opportunity to make their own living and own their own business. It’s about the exterior but it’s also empowering, it allows women to be more than one dimensional.

-Keri Hilson | follow me @misskeribaby

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