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After the Oklahoma City bombings have we wholly shunned all federal government hating pro-gun toting white people? No, we’ve elected some to political office and also call them Tea Parties.

Do we close down all churches and prevent their construction because many Catholic “leaders” have diddled little boys?

Game, set, AND MATCH!

‘Oh Evan that’s not fair!’ ‘How dare you lump the Tea Partiers and far right political figures in with that misguided animal who attacked the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City?’

‘Oh Evan, how dare you say that about the Catholic Church?’ ‘That is only a handful of sick priests and not the beliefs of Catholicism.’

… Outrageous, isn’t it?

Now that we have placed the ball on the ground between the two of us, let’s be real.

Because certain priests have perversely sexually exploited children does not mean we as Americans have demanded the restriction of the practice of Catholicism. I understand people haven’t “died,” at least not directly, due to the sexual abuse. However, the sweeping stories of sexual exploitation certain leads to a safe assumption that thousands of lives have been tarnished, if not completely ruined, by what Catholic priests did. Far more damaging to Catholicism, as opposed to Islam, is local leaders in the community, priests, are the ones who have carried out such atrocious deeds. Also, allegations are rampant that leaders within the Catholic faith, including Bishops, turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse. If anything, this is a far more institutionalized and organized disregard for life than we have seen from the Muslim faith… I know, I’m not going to “heaven.” If being forthright about matters and having compassion for all people, no matter for the race, religion, etc. means I am not destined for a “heavenly” afterlife, then I don’t want it. I wouldn’t want the company I’d find in that afterlife.

So why do we target Muslims? Because it’s in fashion and it’s easy. Many Americans love the idea of having an enemy, it makes them feel manly, galvanized, and oddly proud. Japanese internment camps, McCarthyism, and now Islam. Too often many Americans find nationalism and purpose in targeting a specific group of persons. Those who attacked us on 9/11 are a small minority of Muslims. They are the exception to the rule. The teachings of Islam promote peace and understanding. Because a handful of purposeless and angry savages have plotted to destroy the Western world “infidels” does not mean the rest of the Islamic world adheres to such brutality. Casting fear, blind hatred, and fright of the unfamiliar aside, one finds Islam to be a peaceful and understanding religion. Just as the majority of the Right is well intentioned and Catholics are good people, so is Islam peaceful. Islam is better than we think, and we’re (Americans) better than how we’ve behaved.