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The lovely Rashida Jones graces the cover of The Lab Magazine‘s latest issue. In this issue, Rashida Jones is interviewed by The Big Year co-star, comedian/musician Jack Black and discusses comedy, Harvard and Facebook amongst other things. Though she is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton she’s shining her own light on the world of comedy. She’s been known to take a few small roles but Rashida has been slowly creeping her way into larger films. Most recently she’s landed supporting roles in Cop Out and I Love You, Man. She’s also known as Karen Filippelli on The Office and Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation. Rashida Jones is the cute girl with quirky humor that all the guys adore. Check out the latest issue of The Lab Magazine and find out why.



On drama and serious roles…

Jack Black—So your goal was probably to give people goose bumps. A couple of titters…

Rashida Jones—I had to cry.

JB—Oh man. So you were getting heavy right out of the gate?

RJ—I was trying. I tried to keep it heavy. But then I did comedies. I was in the Gilbert & Sullivan Players. We did H.M.S. Pinafore.

JB—So you’ve been mostly flexing your comedy muscles since college. Am I right?

RJ—Yeah. Probably… mostly. It’s a little bit more mixed.

JB—Does it frustrate you? Do you miss going for the heavier stuff?

RJ—I like it. I have to say… back me up if you feel the same way. It’s kind of fun that we get to do comedy ’cause then your main goal is to make people around you laugh, which is just, by nature, fun.


On Ivy League partying…


Jack Black—Was there any good weed at Harvard?

Rashida Jones—Think about it. Harvard is the best at everything. They’re not going to leave out drugs.

JB—Right. They were down in the laboratory making the best pot man had ever tasted.

RJ—Yes. Exactly. It was good.

JB—Is there any similarity between the cultures of Harvard and Hollywood?

RJ—I would say there’s a lot of sub-culturing going on at Harvard, where you have to choose who you are and you have to stick with it and you have to be voraciously that thing, which I wasn’t that into because I like to spread out my identity. I like to do a lot of different things; I like to know a lot of different people, so I didn’t like the fact I had to choose something. That’s kind of Hollywood to me a little bit.



On being smart…


Jack Black—You’re so smart, which is rare in an actor. Let’s face it. Most actors are dumb as a mud fence, myself included. Do you think there’s a reason for that? Do you think that there’s some correlation between dumbness and good acting? I mean, you’re the exception to the rule. You’re a very good actress.

Rashida Jones—Thanks.

JB—But it seems like sometimes, smarts get in the way of good