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Minka Kelly was recently crowned by “Esquire” magazine as the sexiest woman alive, and deservedly so. Minka Kelly is hotter than two fat people on a hot summer day; Kelly sizzles in the pages of “Esquire” magazine and besides being the sexiest woman in the world she is dating the King Of New York, no, not Jay-Z. It’s none other than New York Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter. Yes, the Yankee great has caught him a good one. 

Let’s face it, Derek Jeter is the King of New York, forget Jay-Z, forget Biggie, may god rest is soul, and forget Nas.  

Derek Jeter is Frank White, 5 World Series Championships and currently chasing another one, dope crib in midtown Manhattan and Jeter will surely go down as the greatest Yankee in history. Sorry Mickey, DiMaggio and Ruth, Jeter is it, and we have 10 reasons why he is the ultimate Yankee.


10. New York Press

Derek Jeter knows how to handle the New York press, unlike other NY sports stars Jeter’s relationship with the press has always been cordial and respectful. You ever hear of Jeter in any kind of scandal?


9. If You Believe

Jeter’s dream came true, like many kids who dream of being something special, Jeter wanted to be the shortstop of the New York Yankess. In an interview he once told a reporter that he would go around telling people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, his home at the time, that he was going to be a New York Yankee.


8. The Best Teammate 

Not only being the best man at Jorge Posada’s wedding, but standing by two teammates who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte.


7. Champion of Champions 

Derek Jeter has 5 World Series Championships.


6. A Real New Yorker

Resting his head at a dope crib in New York’s Columbus Circle, Jeter walks around the city like a young Don Corleone everybody knows his name and he gets respect in all 5 boroughs. Even Mets fans have to show respect.


5. Greatest Yankee Play EVER!

The bloody catch will go down as the best play, the old Yankee stadium ever saw. 


4. The Ultimate Yankee

Derek, at the end of his career will certainly be in the top 5 of every category when it comes to the statistics, maybe not home-runs, but most definitely, RBI’s, hits, walks and stolen bases.


3. Peace Keeper 

No one ever beefs