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A warehouse full of American Apparel adorned hipsters and teenagers who wanted to take full advantage of the 18+ opportunity sweat up a storm bouncing to the concussive energy of Ratatat’s performance at Terminal 5.

Gold bikini tops fully outfitted with a mini skirt matched with neon skinny pants and cut out sleeveless (at times, shirtless) teenage boys with pre-beer-belly bodies filled up the entire standing area, but standing was not allowed.


Ratatat presented a full visual and aural experience with giant projectors seducing the dilated eyeballs with psychedelic animations synchronized with a carefully orchestrated light show to complement their show.  All favorites of their most recent LP 4 were played with sincerity for the cult-like crowd. 

The musical talents, Mike Stroud and Evan Mast fully showcased their instrumental magic by swiftly switching from drums to keyboards, then synths while simultaneously streaming the behind-the-scenes effort it took to create such sweet electronic sounds.  6 years in the making, Ratatat carries a clearly defined sound that is instantly recognizable and fortunately for those who were lucky to be at Terminal 5 at the sold out show, it was beastly, bass-thumping, shirt-drenching dance party.

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