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My family might not want me to go here, but I will. When I was about 5 and 7 years of age. I was molested by two of my family members. I recently relived this incident because of all the news about the 7yr old girl that was raped. My heart goes out to her family. I remember family member1 coming to get me off the school bus, and I was very happy to see this family member because he always made me laugh. But little did I know that he would be the cause of my pain, nightmares, panic attacks and deep depression to come. I remember him taking me to my house and watching me until my mother came home. He took me to my moms room and told me to lay down on the bed, where then he took off my underwear. He said that he wanted to show me something and me being a child I did so because he was my family member and I trusted him. He than started to rub his penis against my private area. A short time later I could hear my mom outside the house talking to a friend, he said put on your clothes! My mother had no idea what had went on, and at the time I didn’t know what was right or wrong with this situation.

When I would go over to a relatives house family member2 would be there, and every time I went somewhere in the house he was there. Asking me did I have on any underwear ‘mind you I’m 7 at this time’. I would go into the kitchen and he would started touching me to check, wanting me to play hide n’ seek and we did, and when he found me he would rub against me and touch my private area.

But one night my mom asked me to go over his house and ask a question since we stayed right in front of each other. ( mind you my mom had no idea) anyways I told my mom I did not want to go, so my younger sister went instead, 5minutes turn into 10minutes than to an hour. My mom keep asking why isn’t she back yet?  My sister came home and she was crying. My mom ask what’s wrong? She told my mom all the things that he had done to her, and that’s when my family bond came crashing down. Later that night my mom said she had to take my sister to the hospital. The morning I over heard my mom and another relative talking, and my mom said that my sister was raped by my family member, I didn’t know what it meant at the time but later I realized that it was a bad thing. This family member told my mom not to press charges on him as well as other family member. Which thinking about it now is very hurtful because they wasn’t trying to protect us. As a child we look up to adults and they are the ones that are suppose to protect the children.
By the time I was 13yrs old I knew what being raped and molested meant. Family member1 started to come back around. I wasn’t afraid of being around him, because I had educated myself about what to do in situations like being raped or molested. He would ask me to ride to Dallas,TX with him, but I did not. Because of all the things that he did to me when I was little. But little did I know he was going to sell me off in Dallas. To feed his crack habits. I finally told my mom what happened to me as a child, and she broke down. I felt so bad.

As I started doing more and more research about this, I found out that they had done this to other family members like my cousins. I would wonder why some of my family members wasn’t calling us, or coming to see us anymore. Come to find out that they was mad that my mom had pressed charges and did the right thing. Secrets about being raped or molested is never something you should keep to yourself. People in my family knew of others getting molested and raped and never spoke out about it.This could have saved my sister and I as well as other members of my family a lot of pain. Come to found out that 6people in my family were molested or raped. Very sad, and just sick!!!!

By the time I was 20 I begin to have panic attacks and BAD nightmares where I wouldn’t want to sleep and I would stay up for days, because I was afraid of what might happen in my

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