The Daily Grind Video

by DJ Cassidy

I will never forget when Stan Lathan called to tell me that he and (his film/tv partner) Russell wanted me to be the deejay on their new stand-up show on Comedy Central. “Follow in the footsteps of Kid Capri on Def Comedy Jam?!” I thought. “They couldn’t be serious.” Not only would I get to deejay on the show and introduce the host each episode, but I’d also be producing all the music for the series including the theme song. I was honored, to say the least. To top it off, I found out the host was going to be JB Smoove (who plays Leon Black in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”) As the world’s biggest “Curb” fan, I was simply in heaven. After a month of studio work, the music was ready and the shoot dates had arrived. I was off to LA.

We shot six episodes in two days and I had the time of my life. JB was brilliant; off-the-wall hysterical. To my great surprise, he ended up talking to me throughout each show between comedians, including me in many of his bits. He was David Letterman, I was Paul Shaffer. He even did an impromptu bit about my signature hat, serenading one of my boaters on stage to the show’s theme song. I really had fun.

Thank you Russell Simmons, Stan Lathan, Bob Sumner, and JB Smoove for including me something monumental and giving me a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Me and the marquee of the El Rae Theater on the first night of taping.
JB Smoove killing it during rehearsal.
Me, Stan Lathan, Russell Simmons, and JB Smoove having a pre-shoot meeting.
Me in action on the first episode.
Me in action on episode two.
Stan Lathan, Me, Russell Simmons, and JB Smoove after the first day of taping.
Me in action on the final episode.
Me and co-executive producer, Bob Sumner after taping the final episode.

The dynamic duo: me and JB Smoove celebrating at the wrap party.