We here at the Global Grind offices listen to a lot of music. So much that it’s sometimes hard to keep track and process it all. A lot of times we only get to listen to a song once. Certain songs, though, we can’t help but repeat over and over – they’re just that good. In this new daily feature, we will be breaking down the day in music by the number of times we listened to a track. ‘5‘ is the track that had us go back and rewind more than once, the musical highlight of our day. ‘1′ is for the song we listened to once and then not at all, which may or may not be a bad thing.

Here’s what we came up with on this rainy (if you’re on the East Coast) Monday.

5. Pleasure P — ‘First Time (Summertime)’

Hey, don’t roll your eyes. Stop shaking your head. Quit sucking your teeth. This track right here is actually hot, if for no other reason than Pleasure P taking DJ Jazzy Jeff’s reworking of Kool and The Gang’s classic hit ‘Summertime’. And besides, Pleasure isn’t a bad singer, not at all. Say what you want about some of his at times corny lyrical game (‘Boyfriend #2’? What was that?), the man definitely has one of R&B’s more unique voices. Like a young version of Debarge without the falsetto. In any case, yeah, ‘First Time (Summertime)’ is a jam and if you don’t want to admit, fine, we’ll do it for you. ‘First Time’ is from the singer’s upcoming mixtape, ‘4 Ur Pleasure Vol. 1’




4. Kaci Battaglia – ‘Body Shots’


Kaci Battaglia

For those who don’t remember, Kaci Battaglia is the same girl who last year told a girl if she touches her man she will ‘f*ck you up (her exact words: ‘touch my man again and I’m a f*ck you up’) on the song, ‘Crazy Possessive.’ This year, she’s making a return to the charts with a song not nearly as raunchy, but certainly telling.


From the moment Kaci starts singing about drinking and taking body shots, it’s very clear what this girl is all about: Having a good time. And with a face like hers and a body like hers, we’re going to say we don’t have a problem with that at all. ‘Body Shots’ (and ‘Crazy Possessive’) are both from Kaci’s upcoming album, Bring It On. Obviously this girl has a thing for suggestive titles.


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