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Hi guys! My name is Stephanie Pratt and you may know me from my role on MTV’s The Hills.

During the last few years while I’ve been a part of this show I have had the chance to experience more than my fair share of both drama and the perks that come along with reality television. I have used the wonderful opportunities that I have been given due to my popularity from the show to try and help others to the best of my abilities. I donate my time to many charities including the LA Mission, Much Love Animal Rescue, PETA, the HSUS, and the Life Group LA.


On July 10th I will ride as an honorary trail guide in “Saddle Up L.A.”; an event supported by the Life Group LA. The event is a trail ride through a part of the Los Angeles Hills followed by a BBQ cookout with country music. I’m excited to be a part of this because the money raised here by donations or those pledging to ride will go directly towards keeping this wonderful organization around in the Los Angeles area. The Life Group LA offers a place for education, empowerment, connection, and most of all unconditional love. It is run by volunteers, supporters, and private donors and does not receive any government grants. Those who struggle with HIV/AIDS or have been affected by this illness due to the loss or deterioration of health from a loved one can reach out to this organization to find support and answers to what is surely a difficult time in their lives.


There are thousands who are affected by this disease every year. Will you please do your part to support me with whatever donation you can? You can donate on the Saddle Up LA website at:



If you’re in the LA area I would love for you to join my team, Steph’s City Slickers, and ride with us in support of a cure and in support of this wonderful organization. Your donations and time mean the world to me and I could not be more appreciative for all of my wonderful fans. You guys keep me smiling on the worst of days! I love you guys! If you want to get in touch with me you can follow me on twitter @stephaniepratt or you can check out my webpage at for upcoming events or charity work I may be involved with.