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Two kids around 20-years-old, Chiddy and Xaphoon, sit at a plastic table in the home of their record label. Surrounded by friends who seem to have known them for years, the two members of Chiddy Bang debate over beats. Xaphoon, the group’s producer/DJ who cranks out a few, well-produced samples every day, offers them up to resident rapper, Chiddy, who waits expectantly for inspiration to hit.

Chiddy and Xaphoon met during their first, and only, year at Drexel University in Philadephia, PA and instantly clicked creatively. After a freshman year of sneaking into Drexel University’s studio to lay tracks in the middle of the night, the duo developed a sound they describe as “rapelectronicaafrobeatclubprop”, a conglomeration of all of the musical influences in their lives. Fueled by Xaphoon’s unique sampling choices and Chiddy’s solid, lyrical style, Chiddy Bang gained the support of their college campus, and the attention of hip-hop heads from all over. Their infamous smash, “Opposite Of Adults” – a sample of MGMT’s “Kids”–forced music nerds to acknowledge their talents, and helped them to land a record deal with British record label, EMI.

They are currently working on their debut album, and opening shows for college kids who are so excited about the Chiddy Bang’s performance, that an onlooker would swear the Philadelphia duo was the headliner.


GG: How did you meet?

Chiddy: Drexel University, 2008. We were freshmen. I was a kid who came from New Jersey trying to get to the studio, and Drexel has a music industry program. My next door neighbor was in that music industry program, so was [Xaphoon], and my next door neighbor introduced me to Noah, and then we just started.

GG: Why Drexel? Just for the music industry program?

Chiddy: I was a business major.

Xaphoon: I was a music major, but I went there because it was free for me. I got a scholarship.

Chiddy: I got a scholarship, too. It was the cheapest for me.

GG: What would you be doing if you didn’t pursue a career as an artist?

Chiddy: Music would still be involved. I’d be trying to write songs for people. Trying to get on somehow.

Xaphoon: I’d probably be engineering in a studio, or something.

GG: Who are your major influences?

Chiddy: Coming up, I was a fan of Lauryn Hill, the Fugees, Naughty By Nature – pretty much just strictly some Jersey sh*t, but more currently I like Kanye West. I’m a fan of Jay-Z during The Blueprint, The Black Album and Reasonable Doubt. Those are the three albums that I like. Dope beats are my main influence, though. If I hear a dope beat, I can just make any type of song.


GG: How much support do you ge

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