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I’m Black all the way (Ethiopian and Martinican to be exact) but have been surrounded by Latino’s all my life. With a Dominican best friend, and Colombian ex, and a slew of Puerto Rican cousins, I’ve been able to see first hand how Hispanics believe in working together, creating their own, and promoting their product. And Harlem Hostel is a true testament to the Latino culture. And while the story behind the creation and development of the movie is an amazing story, the finished product is even better.

Harlem Hostel is a story about three friends from Queens who decide to move to the city together where they hope to fulfill their dreams and experience the fast-paced glamorous world of Manhattan. Once settled into a run-down Harlem brownstone, they soon realize dreams don’t happen overnight. After some unsuccessful job searching, two of the roommates decided to turn their place into an illegal youth hostel.

At first the money and the beautiful women passing through seem like paradise but things take a turn as hijinks and chaos overwhelm all of the roommates. They must immediately become responsible adults as they soon learn about life, love, relationships and of course, each other. The movie does an amazing job catching the true essence of what being a young adult is like in this fast pace world. And though the overall package was a comedy, there were definitely a few heart-wrenching, tear-inducing moments.

Harlem Hostel, which is in select theaters now, stars an array of talented young Latino. The movie stars the beautiful and uber-talented Julissa Bermudez, who recently shared her experiences with Global Grind about traveling to South Africa with Imibala, a program that helps disadvantaged children through school. Other cast members include Ramon Rodriquez, who starred in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, along side Shia LaBeouf, Rafael Sardina, who is a renowned theater actor, Steven Leon, who acted in the popular play Platanos & Collard Greens, and Juan ‘Aro’ Sanchez, an up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn

This movie is a must see film for EVERYONE!!

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