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It’s been a minute since I have blogged on here and since my last blog, if you search back, A LOT has happened in my life and I don’t mean that in just a good type of happen, but just overall….A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!  As we all know, my loving Fiance, Casey Johnson has passed away right before we were about to get married, however I REFUSE to speak of her ever again in the media.  She is now locked deep in my heart forever and I refuse to talk about it any further, so will all do respect, please let her rest in peace and let my heart rest in peace and let us both be.  Thank you.

Now let’s get on to the other stuff poppin; off in my life,  So many things have changed within me this past year!  I truly believe that 2009 was a very challenging and testing year for me.  I went through Domestic Violence Abuse, to losing my wife, and now…..I am carrying a child, and going through ALL of these traumatic and emotional things in the media is not something ANYONE would be able to withstand, however, I have grown to be even ore of a stronger person because of it. Now that I look back, in 2009, I see myself now, that I was still only a little girl lost, strong, yet still trying to find herself.  However the WOMAN, that I have grown up to be TODAY is someone you would NOT recognize at all!

I have changed so much as a person and my perspectives on life.  Before I really had nothing to live for and because of that, I felt like I had nothing to lose  I didn’t care about anything.  I would have late night random inapropriate Ustream shows, my stripteasses, etc.  However that little girl named Tila Tequila is LONG GONE!  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, and this was no accident I have been planning this for a long time, my whole outlook on life has changed.  NOW I actually have something to live for.  NOW all the work that I do has meaning behind it because NOW I have a baby to look after and everything I do from this point forward will reflect on my baby and I know for a fact that I will be the greatest mother in the world!!!!!!  Aside from being pregnant, It feel such a strong connection to my baby that I have reached out to a very good friend of mine, who is an ambassador.  I told him that I wanted to adopt another child, a boy, about 2-3 years of age from Africa.  Well first I told him Haiti, but then he told me that Haiti was no longer allowing adoptions, which I think is sad because I think there are SO many babies and children out there who would love to get away from a run down 3rd world country to live in a home that is full of LOVE and where they will always feel safe.

Growing up I never really had a REAL family to call my own.  Yes I have family of blood, but that doesn’t mean I consider them my family for we have all been estranged for a very long time.  That being said, that is the reason why I was SOOOOOOO excited to start a new family of my own with Casey. She never had a real family either since she was also estranged from them, so with that her and I immediately bonded. I love Casey and will always love her but that is for me to keep to myself and my babies.

Now let’s get to the Twitter thing.  I was the #1 most looked after on Twitter.  I was always the top 5 list on twitter who were the most influential people on Twitter. So if I had such a great ground and influence on Twitter, why in the hell wo

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