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With Wyclef Jean running for the president of Haiti there has been a significant amount of chatter around the boundaries between celebrities and politicians.  Hollywood actors and actresses along with musicians can cause major buzz whenever they take a politlcal stance, but some decide to take a career leap and launch into the realm with full force.

Being a celebrity in America has an undeniable amound of influence and explicit participation in the political sphere takes their power to another level.

Take a look at the round-up of celebrities turned into politicians!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This Austrian American bodybuilder has truly achieved the American Dream.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has won Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, starred in major Hollywood blockbusters such as The Terminator.  Being married to Maria Shriver, politics became a natural step for him to take and he proceeded to run in elections.  He is serving as the 38th governor of California

Jerry Springer

The popular TV show host Jerry Springer was formerly a politician.  He served for the city counsil in Cincinnati in 1971 after failing in running for congress. He resigned a few years later because it was revealed that he hired prostitutes.


Steve Largent

Steve Largent was a Football Hall of Famer who played with the Seattle Seahawks.  He then moved onto politics and served as a U.S. House of Representatives for Oklahoma in 1994 and also was a former Congressman.  He unsuccesfullly ran for Governor of Oklahoma in 2002 and lost by a 0.5%.

Jesse Ventura

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura was best known for being a professional wrestler and a former Navy SEAL before he ran as an independent in Minnesota’s race for governor and won.  He also had a stint as a radio and TV talk show host.  He was elected the 38th governor of Minnesota to serve from 1999-2003.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan is one of the most notable celebrities who broke into politics and developed a larger than life persona in every facet of life for Americans.  He began as a radio and TV star who turned into the 38th governor of California then moving on to become the 40th president of America.  He transitioned remarkably from almost 30 years in Hollywood to serving two terms as the President of America.

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley played in the NBA New York Knicks as a forward, after his basketball career he was then elected to serve three terms as a Senator from New Jersey 1979-1997.  He then ran for democratic party nomination for president during 2000 election but failed.

John Glenn

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