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DJ Clark Kent will be releasing his collabo shoe with Nike on Halloween. Its one of the best collaborations that I’ve ever seen with the Nike Air Force Ones Low. There very grown man fresh.

Quick Question, with all the collaborations that Nike is doing lately, how come they never teamed up with Nelly and the St. Lunatics to do a shoe. Ok people dont front like ya’ll all werent singing,’Get me two pair, I need two pair, so I can get da stopmin in my air force ones’

Ok maybe I was the only one, but umm it would have been a better fashion move for Nelly than him doing that damn ‘Vokal’ clothing line… Matter of fact Nelly ‘You’ve Been Warned’ for partaking in that ‘Vokal’ foolishness…

Anyway Grinders and Grindettes, weigh in and tell me what you think of DJ Clark Kents’ designing efforts.



And for those of you who scrolled down this post humming Nellys’ Air Force Ones in your head, this is for you…

What do you think of DJ Clark Kent’s latest Air Force 1?(polls)

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