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This week my mind became distraught as I recapped the past month of fashion in my head. After the thoughts from my mental roll-a-deck had been confirmed thanks to the paparazzi and many media outlets I came to one conclusion: The pregnant woman of the moment must have all be in denial that they are pregnant.

As I searched the web for pictures of some of my favorite and current ‘IT’ girls,  I became more and more shocked that some of the best dressed women to hit the red carpet cant handle the pressure of dressing for two. I laughed, I scoffed, I frowned, and even let out [In my best Whitney Houston voice] a hearty ‘Hell Naw’. 

Then it dawned on me, if these women couldn’t peddle their undeniable sex appeal, what really would their claim to fame be? What would become of the Hollywood starlets? The answer was simple… NOTHING, they would fade off into the milky atmosphere of hasbeens. 

So you know there is nothing worse than presenting a problem and not having a solution, so with me being the fashion/marketing guru that I BELIEVE I AM. (My momma said if I believe thats all that matters) I am suggesting that we all take up a collection for NIVEA, CHRISTINA MILI-WRONG and my favorite bite size sweetheart KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and send them to A Pea In The Pod maternity store to shop lines that are made for mothers to be, and still very fashion forward,(even super cute mom and fashion go girl Nicole Richie designs a line for the moderate to high end boutique)

And with the knowledge that they gain from this shopping trip we then have these girls launch a maternity line for all mothers to be to follow.

Now while I go and work out the details of their contracts with Kris Jenner (Kourtneys Mom), The Dream (C-Milli’s Husband?) and Lil Wayne (Nivea’s Boo for life) ya’ll check out what these mothers-to-be been wearing…

And to my three ladies KOURTNEY, CHRISTINA, AND NIVEA, its Friday October 23rd, 2009 and ‘YOU’VE JUST BEEN WARNED’ Still love ya like a fat kid loves cake…(Sue me 50, I dare you)                  



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