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Last week my blog brother Gotty over at The Smoking Section asked ‘What If Lil Wayne Goes To Jail‘. So now that we know Mr. Carter will be gone for about a year, I feel like it’s time to wonder about those that are around and depend on Weezy. 

Baby: What will Wayne’s daddy do, now that his son is in jail? Who will hold down the Cash Money Empire? Can Baby stunt for a year in the age of slumping record sales and other ghost writers whose name doesn’t start with ‘Lil’? 

Bow Wow: Can Bow Wow take this opportunity to rise up and take the top spot in the game, that Wayne now holds? I mean After Lil Wayne isn’t Bow Wow the biggest name on Cash Money? 

Drake: What does one do when their boss gets convicted of a crime and has to go away for a year? Drake is by far the most talented member of the money franchise, Young and Cash, but is his industry co-sign strong enough to stand strong after Lil Wayne goes to Riker’s for a year?

Nicki Minaj: Nicki is the Michelle Obama of Hip Hop. So I want to know what is in the future for hip hop’s new first lady? Wayne gives her a soap box she couldn’t get from other artist? I wonder will she start doing more stuff w/ Gucci Mane once Wayne goes to jail? This reminds me of Foxy’s situation. Remember how she used both Nas & Jay to assist her on her rise to the top?

Most importantly there are questions surrounding Lil Wayne’s kids and his baby mommas. On his latest freestyle over ‘Swag Surfing’ he proclaims ‘I love my baby mommas I give them my highest honor, gotta take care of those kids I know you heard Obama’

Lauren London: The new mother, has face tons of negative comments, and assumptions about her career and life after Wayne. Will she find it hard to raise a kid on her own? As a parent I know there are a lot of things a father should be there to witness. I am sure she’ll be alright, and my prayers are with her, that God will get her through this time, but I’m sure there are a lot of questions running through her mind. 

Toya: The first. In my eyes Ms Antonia Carter is the rock that hold the bond together. It’s clear that she has a firm grip on things. No baby momma drama from her, but will the stress of dealing with a father of jail put a strain on this happy relationship w/ the rest of the baby mothers? Can Toya remain strong while Lil Wayne is locked up for a whole year?

Sarah Vivian: Sarah, the woman who gave Lil Wayne his first son, recently lashed out on MTO for posting a fake picture of her son Dwayne Carter III saying. ‘I saw the MTO pic…They know they need to quit…That is not my son’ I’ve seen worst rants on MTO, but can she remain strong in the face of more lame comments from people who have no clue what’s going on? Will the evil gossip blogs like Bossip & MediaFAKEout unleash of wrath of fake news to destroy a bond of mothers?

Nivea: Nivea is or will be the latest to have Wayne’s seed. How will she handle all of her children w/o Wayne? What will happen when they visit