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With Fall in full swing I started noticing that the editors here at Global Grind have been stepping up their freshness. Now we all know that sometimes getting dressed for work can be a drag. Sometimes you roll over and throw on what ever is clean (I.E @JustGrinding after her Diddy Party Tuesday night.) But lately I’ve been feeling like some of my co-workers have been picking out their looks the night before!! So as the week draws to an end, I have nominated two editors as the “Best Dressed” for the week. Drum role please…. Ok now you all weigh in and tell me who wins! Their acceptance speeches will come tommorow. And to the rest of the staff please be informed, IM WATCHING YOU, WITH MY FASHION EYES.

                                      Blackspot’s Look





  Now JoJo’s Look…

   Let me know who I’m giving the award to Grinders and Grindettes.

Which editor’s outfit were you feeling the most?(polls)

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