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Yesterday was the day our dear Lauryn Hill checked into Connecticut for her three-month prison sentence. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Grammy artist is serving jail time for failing to pay roughly about a million dollars in taxes.

Now don’t go judging our girl here, we still love Lauryn.

Lauryn Hill has always been a free spirited, no nonsense, and eccentric woman. You can’t forget the spunky, outspoken girl she played in Sister Act 2, or how well she fit with her other two bandmates in the hip-hop group Fugees.

Lauryn can and has always done what she wants, especially when it comes to fashion – there’s no stopping her. We’ve seen Ms. Hill in an array of styles with her hair; from dread locks, to Afros, curls and cuts, what hasn’t she done?

And we’re sure you haven’t missed any of Lauryn’s more interesting outfits. But we can easily forgive Lauryn killing us softly with all her spontaneous outfits and behavior, because when she opens that mouth to sing, she is everything and more.

So because she’s everything, we want to show you some fits that only and I mean only, Lauryn Hill can pull off. 

Lauryn rockin’ a chic shaggy fur coat on stage with her bowler and an assortment of accessories. You can never over accessorize, right Lauryn?

Ms. Hill channeling her inner Marsha Hunt here with the ‘fro. We’re kinda feeling this ’70s inspired outfit: a chiffon flowy top paired with an azure blue pleated skirt. And look at those strappy heels with a slight platform and a touch of blue…gimmie the blues!

When it comes to prints there are two things required: the neutrals for balance and bold prints to pop. Here we see some more subtle colors like khaki, gray and white followed by hot pink and gold detailing. Lauryn is giving us the Gucci and bling. You forgot Lauryn rapped, huh? Move over 2 Chainz, 2 Pearlz is here. 

What mother of six can rock blue from head to toe (and eye) and still look hot? Lauryn can! Look at this hot mama tastefully rocking a lace bandeau top with a high waisted floral skirt, setting the look with gold jewelry and an open collared jacket to keep things age appropriate. 

A little leather, a little plaid, and some tie dye. The queen of layering she is. Remember to keep length and proportion in mind; you want to show off the pieces you’re wearing and still show off that womanly silhouette. Anything leather is instant sexiness! 

Two hats, a shirt, and a dress at the same damn time! We love chunky, bold jewelry bringing life to the simplest outfits. 

We loved this auburn color Lauryn beautifully pulled off. And she switched it up with the cat eyeliner. #NewRules

Girl, you better watch out! Anyone spotted in leather and fur is clearly a badass. 

Yes! Lauryn Hill is working that mushroom cut. And look at that oversized bow. 

Sweet Sweet Lauryn looking oh so elegant with her tamed curls and red brick lips. A minimal look with her grey and black ensemble, but look, Lauryn brings this piece alive with that statement necklace.

A denim jacket and some hoops always come in handy for those lazy days, and Lauryn still looks stunning.  

Guys, we simply can’t deny that Lauryn is beyond beautiful, inside and out. There’s no other like Lauryn and there probably won’t ever be (so don’t try to copy these looks, we won’t be as forgiving).

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images