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Leave it to Kanye to get the Internet buzzing with the visuals to his musical blessings…and then snatch it right back out of the atmosphere. 

That’s exactly what happened when a leaked version of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” video made its way onto these Internets last night, featuring a 3D animated Yeezus getting into his zone as a pretty buffed up version of himself. 

It’s clear that some real technical work went into the production end of Kanye’s new visuals, but the new daddy took to Twitter today to reveal that the video was indeed leaked and attempted to bestow the power of Yeezus on the web by kindly asking that the video be taken down from all websites (as if). We’re pretty sure only a barter at the levels of North’s first photos will erase the unfinished product from the web.

For the leaked video, a rare sighting of a shirtless Yeezy (albeit animated) replaces the cartoon images of the Fish Sticks Kanye introduced to us by South Park, and we’re sure that may have been his intention. This is animated ‘Ye, made by ‘Ye, with the help of Nick Knight we assume, and approved by ‘Ye, so naturally it’s in an image he would approve…but not all celebrities have been that lucky. 

In the spirit of jest, and to provide something to do other than twiddle our thumbs until Kanye forgives us and drops the full video, we’ve rounded up some celebs that have been brought to life through cartoons…some good and some very, very bad. 

R. Kelly was trapped in The Boondocks wearing his infamous mask and a golden smirk…see what we did there?

When rappers have some creative control over their image, you can almost always guarantee that their animated version will have more muscles. 50 Cent is proof. 

Katt Williams also got The Boondocks treatment, in an episode ironically called A Pimp Named Slickback. We’re kidding, there is no actual irony here, this animation is spot ON!

Snoop was bussin’ guns looking like every Snoop Dogg look-alike we have ever seen in True Crime. Wait…is that the same jacket?

Pauly D, we love you, but you made this South Park reenactment possible. At the very least they respected the blow out and immaculate brow sculpting. 

Marc Jacobs capitalized off being animated for an episode of South Park…and then made the doll and sold it in his store for $500. That’s the definition of #newrules.

Snooki was caught at the grunt end of it all when she was animated for an episode of South Park. To be fair, at least she has a designer purse! But the last laugh came when Snooki re-surfaced after childbirth looking all slim and trim.

We could go on for days, but don’t fret Yeezy, you’re not the only one who has been exposed to the world in animated form.