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David Beckham. Need we say more?  

Now that the English soccer player has retired from the field, this hot stud is blessing magazine covers like Delta’s Sky July issue.

From teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Milan (just to name a few), David has taken the game of soccer to a whole other level. He humbly explains: 

I’m incredibly fortunate to have achieved much during my career, so it’s difficult to one out. Playing and captaining my country was a source of great pride; I love my country, so to wear the England shirt was always something I dreamt of doing as a kid. Not many things can beat, though, winning the treble for my boyhood club, Manchester United. We had grown up together as younger players, competed for all the Academy teams, and then we reached the senior squad together. To then win the major club honors with your friends and teammates in such a dramatic fashion will always live long in the memory.

David also mentions: 

Off the field, there is no question, I’m proudest of my role as a father to four amazing children. I’m sure all parents will feel the same way, and that trumps everything else I have achieved.

And although he loves being a father and soccer, he also admits…

if I was not a footballer I would be a Lego model builder.

Well David, we’re sure anything you do, you will still look amazingly hot doing it. 

Check out more details in Delta Sky Magazine

PHOTO CREDIT: Doug Inglish

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