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Juicy J just dropped a new track on Twitter titled “Shootin” featuring his fellow Taylor Gang member Wiz Khalifa.

The “Bounce it” rapper goes hard; getting straight to the nitty-gritty and shootin’ straight at all his haters, not holding back on any lyrical bullets. 

“I’m shootin sh*t up like a dope fiend/ Put a hole in your head like a dolphin/ Leave his ass dead with a coffin/ Shootin’ on sight n*gga try me if you wanna,” raps Juicy.

“I got so much ice is like I’m playing hockey/smoke so much green n*gga somebody stop me/ridin in my ride repping mafia/ ohh n*gga, I’m ballin smoke a half pound a day smoke another in the mornin,” adds Wiz.

Juicy J’s new album Stay Trippy is set to drop in August. 

In the meantime, take a listen to “Shootin” below.

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