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With Jay-Z giving her several shout outs, Miley Cyrus has been the talk of the town this week.

But it’s the Twerk Team superstar’s relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth that has undoubtedly been the topic of the year. 

The two are hardly ever seen together – Miley is busy with music and Liam travels all over the world for acting gigs – so people just can’t seem to believe she and Liam are still on good terms.

They better believe it now, since Miley and Liam were spotted on a romantic hike together yesterday while hanging out in Alberta, Canada. The very sexy Liam has been filming Cut Bank there. 

They even took a picture with a lucky fan.

The stylish Miley wore white and black adidas slippers, a camouflage jacket, Tupac tee, and most likely shorts that were just too short to see. Liam kept it simple in khakis and a t-shirt.

There’s all the proof the doubters and haters need – this wedding is still ON!

Photo Credit: Twitter 

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