The Daily Grind Video

New York City’s SoHo neighborhood is where all types of culture from art to fashion thrive, and it’s also where All Things Dope and GlobalGrind captured modern painter Evan Lorberbaum doing his thing live.

Going beyond just a paintbrush and conventional painting techniques, Evan uses spray paint to create unique pieces that can take several hours to complete.

Though it’s a very lengthy process of multiple stages, Evan truly loves his craft.

“I just enjoy the whole creative process: buying the paint, unraveling the canvas, and then just standing back and just seeing the finished work,” he told us. “Nothing feels better really.”

GlobalGrind’s Jemaray Pyatt was on the scene for 8 long hours as the artist brought new life to a statue. Watch him as he transforms an empty canvas into one of his very distinct masterpieces in the video below.