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“Don’t ya wanna?!” 

Some commercials have crazy catchy tunes that still have not left our minds. We know it happens to you too.

Here is a list of those unforgettable songs that we cannot get out of our heads!

1. Cleaning will never be the same after the Mr. Clean Commercial came out!

2. The Gatorade commercial that made everyone wanna “Be Like Mike.”

3. We couldn’t help but love these cute lil puppies in the K9 Advantix commercial!

4. Who can clean your carpet? Once you hear this commercial, you’ll never forget it! 

5. You’ll be singing like a cat after listening to the “Meow Mix” song about three times.

6. What are you stuck on? Oh! Band-Aids! Too cute.

7. I love my coffee, but not like how these guys love their Folgers.

8. I’m a big kid now, are you?

9. These girls definitely make us a little thirsty for a Fanta.

10. Love is hard, especially for a broom in the Swifter commercial.

11. How excited are you to have a good credit score? Excited enough to play for a renaissance fair?

12. Everything is sealed with a kiss!

13. Chris Brown can seriously sing about anything! Including about some Doublemint gum.

14. If you were stranded on an island, what would you bring? Some baby back ribs?!

15. What’s the one thing you need to freshen your breathe? Not a toothbrush…

16. This commercial is all about education! And connecting with people.

17. Another carpet commercial, but this one, is EMPIRE!

18. A general and a penguin singing about cheap insurance?! Sign me up!

19. You need a break! Here’s a Kit Kat bar.

20. Who loves Campbell’s Soup? 

21. Who do you want to be? A fireman? A lawyer? I want to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner.

22. Julianne Hough wants to move ya with some Juicy Fruit.

23. I never wanna grow up! Just like the Toys R’ Us kids.

24. You still want a break? Ok, let’s go to McDonald’s!

25. You wanna know the secret to gorgeous, beautiful hair?

SOURCE: Youtube