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The jury questionnaire has just been released to the public by the court.

In the questionnaire, which is signed by Judge Debra S. Nelson, the jurors were asked about their knowledge of the defendant, George Zimmerman, and Trayvon Martin.

One question asks if the jurors could put what they heard aside to render a verdict in the case.

In another portion of the document, Trayvon’s name is also spelled “Travyon,” echoing Juror B37’s misspelling in a statement released earlier today. She, however, spelled his name “Travon.”

To see the rest of the document, click here.



Juror B37 has released a statement regarding her interviews and her now void book deal.


Four jurors in the murder trial of George Zimmerman have released a statement expressing their need for privacy.

The statement makes it clear that B37, the juror who already engaged in an exclusive interview about the trial, doesn’t speak for all of them. 

Read the entire statement below:

The only juror who has yet to speak is B29, the sole minority member of the jury. Developing…