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Netflix is coming out as the big winner of this year Emmy’s after the nominees were announced this morning. 

The video streaming website jumped into the original programming game and after being almost run out of business for raising their subscription price last year, they set about to change things. 

Now that their original series House Of Cards pulled in three nominations, Netflix is banking on the recognition to pull in a few more subscriptions. This is pretty much a calling card for the subscribers they may have lost with their price hike. 

A calling card that says, “Hey folks! Netflix is still awesome!”

It’s so awesome that we wanted to let you know why you should continue to keep that account around. Check it out.

Luther, Breaking Bad and House of Cards are the coolest shows on TV, and they got ’em on Netflix. It’s almost as cool as this guy. 

Having On Demand seems OK at first, until you realize you only have 5 episodes to watch, then it’s more like this…

We prefer full seasons. 

Netflix is the perfect remedy when the only thing on television is Sharknado.

With movies like Tomb Raider, Thor and a slew of comic book titles, you can geek out all you want in the privacy of your own home. 

With all the titles they have, you realize you don’t even need to pay for the ridiculous cost of cable.

You can watch Netflix until you pass out and the episodes will just keep playing. 

You can invite all of your friends over for movie nights that last all night…

Netflix is like having a magic antenna for your digital TV.

You can watch it on TV, your computer, your phone, or your iPad. Mind blown. 

If you don’t like Netflix, then we got someone you need to meet.

So sit back and enjoy some quality programming tonight. You’ve earned it. 

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