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There’ve been a lot of good movies released this year, but there’s still nothing like the classics. 

But not just any classics – the Hood Classic. What’s a “Hood Classic” you might ask?

Well for this blog, we decided to define the Hood Classics as movies that either take place in the hood, or deal with gangsta shit. 

Think O-Dog in Menace II Society or Bishop in Juice; two surefire Hood Classics. Now we fully understand that some of our melanin-challenged readers might not have seen these movies. 

So if you haven’t, these are the “hood” movies you need to see, the hood movies that will change your life. The hood movies that will define if you’re too cool for school, or more like Skreech! 

In no particular order…

Boyz In The Hood: Trey, Ricky, Doughboy! This classic movie showed you what it was like growing up in the middle of gang wars and the pitfalls black men face trying to get out of the hood. 

New Jack City: Am I my brother’s keeper? Nino Brown had The Carter on lock before Lil Wayne or Jay Z. 

Juice: Tupac transformed himself into Bishop for this movie that documents how New York teens struggle with being friends and trying to get “the juice in the hood.” 

Hustle & Flow: Proved that it’s hard out here for a pimp, and even harder for a Memphis pimp in a mid-life crisis who attempts to become a successful hip-hop emcee.

Set It Off: Women and bank robberies! Cleo is the illest. 

Jason’s Lyric: Don’t let the love story fool you! This movie is gangster; it’s the urban Romeo and Juliette. 

Training Day: Your first day on the job shouldn’t be this tough. Denzel takes you through the hood as a dirty cop. King Kong ain’t got nothing on this movie right here. 

White Men Can’t Jump: This is the ultimate hustle, as two rivals turned partners team up for the big prize.

Friday: This movie perfectly captures what happens in the hood on a Friday when you ain’t got no job or anything else to do. 

Do The Right Thing: BrooooklynnnnnnnnnnN!!!!

Baby Boy: Jody struggles with being a mama’s boy, a thug and a boyfriend. This movie just phucks with the other list, but it makes love to this one. 

Menace II Society: Probably the best two minutes in movie history!