Happy birthday, Matt LeBlanc!

Most of us, though, know you as Joey from the that little TV show called Friends. 

He was funny, loyal, sexy, and a little dim-witted, but he had big dreams of being an actor, and even starred in a soap opera.

Who didn’t love them some Joey?

He also taught a lot of us viewers a thing or two about real life, so here’s a list of a lot of the things that Joey taught us all over the years.

Dilemma: You visit your BFF at their apartment, and you see that she’s wearing sexy linguerie. Cute, but her bf (and your other BFF) isn’t in town. So who would she be wearing the outfit for? What do you do?

Joey: Call your BFF (her bf), DUH! 

A guy shoots at your two best friend, which one do you save?

 Joey: The sandwich next to your best friends. It’s the BEST sandwich ever!

It’s moving day, and you’re moving in with your best friend. What do you do to make it a good day?

Joey: Not yell at him; it might upset him! And you do NOT want to upset your BFF!

You’re dating a HOT girl! Problem? She’s VERY aggressive with you. How do you deal?

Joey: Get your BFF who’s equally aggressive (Rachel) to hit her back, and bug her so much that she gets mad at your BFF, and asks to choose between the two of you. Once you choose your BFF (of course!), she gets mad and storms off. Now you two are over! Problem solved (and less hitting involved too!)!

You walk in the hallway, and see your two BFFs eating off the floor. What do you do?

Joey: Join them of course! It’s gotta be good!

What do you do when you accidently hit a button on the remote and you see porn on your cable?

Joey: Watch 2 hours of porn with your BFF!

You’re friend’s pregnant, and she’s getting the apartment baby proofed. How do you feel about it?

Joey: Psh! My family didn’t worry about baby proofing the house, and I think I turned out alright!

Dating your best friend tips

Joey: 1. If she hits you once, don’t keep kissing her! It starts hurting more than you liking to kiss her! 2. Don’t go below the boob! Even if she says it’s ok, it’s usually not. TRUST ME!

When your best friend is planning on proposing to your other best friend, how you feel?

Joey: Great! I’m really happy for them! Until I found out that I wasn’t the first person to find out! Give the silent treatment; bros before babes, man! Always!

Your friend tells you that he doesn’t think he’s in the friend zone with his ex. What do you say?

Joey: Ha! He’s MAYOR of the Friend Zone!

You have to learn how to speak a different language for an audition, what do you do?

Joey: Get your BFF to teach you how to speak the language. If by then when you don’t really learn it, get her to convience the director that the way that you’re speaking it is correct!

You find a naughty book in your roommate’s bedroom. What do you do?

Joey: Read it, make fun of her about it, and then promise her you won’t tell anyone about it. Then break that promise and get all of your friends to act like the characters in the novel.

You want to audition for a part, but need that extra edge to make sure you get the part. What do you do?

Joey: Get a man bag! And don’t return it when your friends tell you to!

What’s a GREAT way to get a girl (who don’t know) to go out with you?

Joey: Pretend that you’re hurt because she didn’t remember to call you! PROMISE she’ll come back for more!

How do you get long lasting friends?

Joey: By having one of the best running shows on tv for 10 years with your best friends!

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