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Rich Gang.

That’s the name of the Cash Money/Young Money compilation album that was released this week. It’s an interesting album, to say the least.

Of course the typical Cash Money and Young Money rappers are featured on it: from the superstars (Lil Wayne, Birdman and Nicki Minaj) to the not so super stars (Jae Millz).

But there’s also features from dudes who aren’t even Cash or Young Money, including Future, R. Kelly and Kendrick Lamar. (There’s also a Limp Bizkit feature, which is just. . .)

Honestly, the album is cool, but that’s not really what we want from a Cash Money compilation. We wanna hear some of that classic old-school ish.

And the label, which started in 1991, has a long history and a number of memorable acts tied to it.    

Here are ten old-school Cash Money artists we would have liked to see on the Rich Gang album. 


Kilo G

The first official Cash Money release came from a 15-year-old  Kilo G, back all the way in 1992 (when Lil Wayne was still 10). The album was called The Sleepwalker and it was one of the great, underappreciated early ’90s gangsta rap albums. Three years later Kilo G would go on to release an even more gangstalicious album, The Bloody City.

Where’s he now?

Unfortunately, five years after releasing his debut album, Kilo G was gunned down at the young age of 20.  



Rap trio U.N.L.V. (Uptown Niggas Livin’ Violently) consisted of Tec-9, Lil Ya and Yella Boi, three young rappers from New Orleans. They sold a lot of records independently, with the most famous song probably being the Mannie Fresh-produced “6th & Baronne,” which came out in ’93. Throughout the ‘90s the group released a number of albums that only knocked locally: 6th and Baronne, Straight Out tha Gutta, Mac Melph Calio and Uptown 4 Life. 

Where are they now?

The group ended up leaving Cash Money in the late ’90s and things did not go smoothly. Rumor has it that Yella Boi shot at Baby’s car near Melpomene projects in New Orleans. Things wouldn’t end well for Yella Boi; he was shot and killed when he was 22-years-old.

The two remaining members would go on to release albums throughout the 2000s, including Keep It Gutta and Gutta for Life. In fact, last year they put out a greatest hits album, which is worth a listen. (There’s some great old-school Mannie Fresh gems on there.)



Before Lil Wayne, and even Juvenile, the real star of Cash Money records was B.G. In 1996, the rapper released Chopper City, which is universally known as a classic. (And he was 16!) He was also the man behind one of the group’s biggest hits, “Bling Bling.” 

Where is he now?

Things started well for B.G., but they didn’t end that way. B.G. picked up a nasty heroin addiction in the late 90s, which halted some of his productivity. In the early 2000s he would leave Cash Money over money disputes, and he would have a pretty successful run independently. However, he couldn’t stay out of jail (“pistol here, pistol there“). Last year he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Rappers from Louisiana are cursed



Juvenile is the man who brought Cash Money to the national scene: in 1998 his 400 Degreez album produced “Ha!” and “Back That Azz Up:” two southern classics that found love on TRL. 

Where is he now?

The Juvenile and Cash Money relationship was actually pretty fruitful: Juvie would make five largely successful albums in the span of six years. He left Cash Money in 2004 over a dispute over money (surprise!) and Juvie would go on to continue his rap career, though he would never reach those “Ha!” peaks again. 



Turk was introduced to the world as the youngest member of the Hot Boyz (the rap group made up of Juvie, B.G., Lil Wayne and Turk). In 2001, Turk would release his debut album, Young & Thuggin’, which was a minor success. 

Where is he now?

Like a lot of rappers from New Orleans, Turk just couldn’t stay out of trouble. In 2006 the rapper was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his involvement in a shooting with an officer. The rapper was released from prison last year, and he’s back at work: earlier this year he dropped a mixtape called Blame it on the System (which featured a verse from Lil Wayne – so they don’t have a problem with working with each other again.)


Young Buck

We all remember Young Buck for his time spent with G-Unit. But before 50 Cent found him, and basically rescued him from rap purgatory, Buck was affiliated with Cash Money and Juvenile’s U.T.P. clique.

Where is he now?

The last couple of years haven’t been kind to Young Buck. His career has all but halted after 50 Cent kicked him out the crew. He’s also had numerous run-ins with the IRS. Still, with all of his problems, Buck works: last month he put out a song. So there’s something.


Mannie Fresh

From the early 90s to the mid 2000s, Mannie Fresh basically produced every single Cash Money song that was released. Like other Cash Money artists, he left because of money in the mid-2000s.

Where is he now?

Mannie Fresh isn’t as in-demand as he used to be, but he still gets it in: over the years he’s produced Young Jeezy’s “And Then What,” T.I.’s “Top Back,” and “The One” for G.O.O.D. Music. He hasn’t, however, worked with Cash Money, something Baby says is gonna change


Boo & Gotti

Remember those two other dudes that rap on R. Kelly’s “Fiesta” song? That was Boo & Gotti, a duo from Chicago, Illinois. The two would sign with Cash Money and release Perfect Timing in 2003.

Where are they now?

The timing ended up not being that perfect for the two. The album bricked pretty hard. (Those were the dark days of Cash Money, when Big Tymers was the biggest act on the label.) The duo would get dropped from the label soon after that. 


Lil Mo

After feeling displeased with her label, Elektra, Lil Mo, of “SuperWoman” fame, left and signed with Cash Money records in 2003.

Where is she now?
Uh, that move didn’t end up going to well. The album that she was working on, Syndicated: The Lil’ Mo Hour, was shelved after failing to find a single that would pop. Soon Mo departed Cash Money Records and she got on her independent grind: releasing Pain & Paper in 2007 and P.S. I Love Me, which we just found out existed 30 seconds ago.



For a couple of years, TQ was kind of like the Nate Dogg of Cash Money, appearing on most of the label’s hooks. Unfortunately, things never popped for him: his Gemini album was never released.

Where is he now?

He’s still around, making music independently. In 2010 he released Kind of Blue, which featured no notable songs. We can also assumed TQ is on rocky terms with Cash Money: TQ was one of the dudes who openly talked about Baby and Lil Wayne’s kissing habit back when people still made a big deal about that.