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Looks like the Big Tymers are back for real this time. 

Earlier this year, Cash Money CEO/founder Birdman announced he would be organizing a Big Tymers reunion, but there was just one catch, Mannie Fresh wouldn’t be apart of the reunion

Of course, the hip-hop community wasn’t thrilled about the revelation and collectively decided they weren’t buying a “Big Tymers Reunion” without Mannie Fresh

After much consideration, Birdman reached out to Mannie to discuss the possibility of reuniting for the fans.

During a candid interview with RapFix, Birdman revealed how he patched things up with his old friend and they’re linking up in the studio in the upcoming weeks. 

“I’ve been talking to Fresh a lot. We talk every other day, we been talking about doing music; so matter of fact we gonna get in. Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem, we never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again.

I was been tryin’ to do that, he didn’t wanna do it. I thought personally he didn’t want no part of it because it been dead. We been lettin’ it live in the grave, ain’t nobody picked it up. It was Wayne’s decision to say let’s rock with this Big Tymers, besides that it’s been in the grave, nobody touched it.

I love his family, he loves my family, we know each other. His sister passed, my sister passed, I went to the funeral so people bring things outta context but personally he’s my brother and I got nothing but love for him and I’ma work with him again.”

We’re so glad Birdman came to his senses and decided to reunite with his longtime friend. 

Are you excited about an official Big Tymers reunion?