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You can now listen to your ratchet hood tunes with sleek sophistication.

It seems like Beats By Dre Studio headphones have been around longer than its five-year span, considering they are universally donned on the ears of both celebs and pedestrians. But now the popular earphones are changing the soundwave as they undergo a paramount first makeover.

Slightly losing its bulkier look, the body of the Studio has been made over as sleekly curvaceous with the addition of larger earcups, yet is 20-percent lighter than its forerunner model. The battery life is longer for your listening pleasure and the phones will also automatically power on/off when plugged and removed from a power source.

Additionally, new Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE) will use custom digital software to improve your listening quality by placing prominence on its noise canceling feature, allowing you to drown out those sounds of loud subway goers or Chatty Cathy’s at the café with a push of a button.

Peep the new sleek design of the Beats Studio Headphones:

The new Beats headphones will hit stores August 4th and will retail at $299.95; will you be taking a listen?