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The world of fashion isn’t the most diverse when it comes to models or any type of clothing. For the past decade, catering to thicker woman has been non-existent, zilch, nada, nothing. For a plus sized woman to find someone who looked like them on runways or in ads was almost unheard of.

But while there is a huge target market for designers to aim for with the average American woman sizing in at 12-16, designers would rather stick to sample sizes. Anyone whose ever attempted to shop in a store for something bigger than a size 12 is all too familiar with the disappointment of the cold fashion world. Racks filled with sizes up to a “large,” sale associates giving you long stares, and overall frustration. What is supposed to be fun, exciting and even relaxing, has now become a headache.

But the recent explosion of plus sized blogging has been a positive craze, saving us from the wretched fashion world and giving curvy girls hope. After being the black sheep of clothing stores, fashion magazines and ads, us curvy girls have redeemed ourselves, offering thousands of blogs with girls giving advice on self acceptance, trends and various OOTD’s (outfits of the day) to suit the thicker girl’s needs. Various companies who cater to plus sized women such as Asos, Simply Be, Dorothy Perkins, etc. are now in the limelight showing the world that bigger girls like nice clothes too.

It’s a whole community of fabulous, curvy girls with impeccable style and we would like to share our top ten favorite plus sized bloggers (in no particular order).

Gabi Fresh:

Gabi started her blog back in 2008 with just a love for fashion and writing. She says that she saw “the lack of resources for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up, so [she] decided to fill the void.” Rejecting the notion of “dressing for your body type,” Gabi took the plus sized fashion world by storm. She was soon featured in major magazines such as Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen, Time Out New York and Cosmopolitan. After posting a piece called Fatkini 2012 on her blog, all eyes were on Gabi as she confidently posed in a black and white two piece bikini. The picture soon landed her own swimsuit line with Swimsuits for 

Franceta Johnson:

The Toronto native started her blog back in March 2010 as she puts it,” as a personal journal for my dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a fashion designer.” Franceta is all about breaking the rules regardless of size. Whether it’s her dyed hair or funky detailing, Franceta ties in class and streetwear beautifully.

Nadia Aboulhosn:

Next we have Nadia Aboulhosnwho isn’t just fashion forward, but absolutely gawg-geous. You’ve might have seen her featured in American Apparel, Seventeen Magazine, Elle, Teen Vogue, Gotham and more – just to name a few. The Florida native, now living in NYC, mixes thrifted pieces and popular name brands, while giving alternatives to her readers

Brittany Coleman:

Blogger of Pockets and Bows, Brittany says she “aspires to inspire.” The young beauty has always been the striking fashionista, even when she was a size 22. Now a size 14/16, Brittany continues to bring her audience bright, fun and elegant outfits. Brittany continues to inspire thousands of girls through her YouTube channel with hauls, OOTD’s, hair and more. Check out PocketsandBows TV here.


Tanesha Awasthi :

Creator of Girl With Curves, Tanesha “shows that style goes beyond size.” While capturing the attention of the world, Tanesha has become a published writer and a licensed esthetician, beauty and brains! We adore Tanesha’s minimal but bold prints she effortlessly puts together.

Tiffany Tucker:


Tiffany, aka Fat Shopaholic, is a Chicago native who has enough confidence to share with the whole world. Tiffany presents herself as a shopaholic, but along the way helps inspire those around her with her funky and bold pieces.


Ragini is the genius behind the Curious Fancy blog. Ragini describes herself as eccentric, but whimsical, and we couldn’t agree more. The fashion blogger puts together such interesting pieces and models them so flawlessly. Not to mention each captured pic always has us in pure awe.


This YouTube sensation caught our attention – not by her British accent, but her beautiful soul and wisdom. Gracie runs her own channel on YouTube, Ugly Face Of Beauty, inspiring girls with her stories, fashion and advice.

Passion Jonez:

A 21-year-old New York curvy blogger who does an amazing job executing fashion finds, Passion Jones puts together pieces that are appropriate and stylish for the voluptuous physique and always puts a good heel to match!

Crystal Chanel:

We adore Crystal Chanel’s style, especially her night out outfits. Edgy, sexy but tasteful is how we can describe this curvy chick!