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Look up in Times Square! Is a singer? Is it a model? No, it’s Rita Ora and she is all of the above!

Our favorite UK export was changing weather patterns in the heat of New York City’s prime tourist attraction Times Square, as she took on the role of the model demographic for DKNY’s Fall/Winter collection.

More exciting than getting a BTS look at Rita’s modeling skills (of which we get plenty of exposure to on Instagram) we got a look at some of DKNY’s goodies before they hit the shelves…and a look at Rita’s nipples for good measure.

Naturally the shoot featured all things NYC, which always unabashedly includes yellow cabs and equally as aggressive spectators (we see you staring in the background!) as well as an array of lights.

The brand is staying true to its recent throwback to the ’90s aesthetic with bold prints on athletic wear as modeled below.

A little fake snow makes all the difference when it comes to dazzling in a holiday perfect embellished skirt.

And those shoes? We’re lusting.

Rita is clad in leather while the spectators are in tube tops. Ha.

We’re pretty obsessed with this imitation leather wrap skirt.

And a purse hanging out of a cab for good measure.

We’ll have to wait until the holidays to see the official spread.