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Someone call Katniss in, we have a Hunger Games situation going on here…

In a perfect world, everyone would take what they need in an orderly fashion and leave the rest for the less fortunate…in a world with FREE Alexander Wang and eBay, the rules are a little different.

Just a few weeks ago, as a part of T by Alexander Wang‘s Fall 2013 campaign, one of the youngest designers in the game, Alexander Wang, invited the general public to a secret event in Manhattan’s west side. Users were informed about the “very special one time only secret event” via social media and prompted to RSVP and arrive at the High Line no later than 2 p.m. Naturally, hundreds lined up expecting a party, a runway show, or a performance of sorts, but the first 200 people in line got something way more lucrative: A free for all.

Once inside, the select few got no-holds-barred access to the entire collection FOR FREE. Naturally, chaos ensued. If you were wondering how humans would be acting if they resided in the wild, this video should give you a pretty good inclination. The claws came out and the hangers went down.

Check out the primal behavior of the rare fashion species in the video above, there is some seriously notable box-punching going on here.