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So if you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge Buzzfeed fan – all those random gifs, cat lists, food porn, etc, etc, what’s not to love? But alas, they are not perfect [which is weird to admit because I thought at one point they really were], but I digress.

I recently came across a post titled “The 51 Hottest Black Men in Hollywood,” so being a fan of hot men, especially hot black men, I clicked that ish real quick. But what I found was disappointment.

Buzzfeed could have surely created a better “official ranking” [their words, not mine]. Sorry Craig Robinson and Morgan Freeman, but you just have no business being on that list.

So, here are the REAL 54 hottest black men in Hollywood – including some very necessary athletes – in no particular order, because that would just not be fair.

You’re welcome…

1. Trey Songz – he even looks good fully covered in a hoodie

2. Lance Gross -[he’s sexy with his shirt off, but even sexier when he’s fighting for justice]

3. Michael B. Jordan – because, well, yeah…

4. Dwyane Wade – because in his words he’s a “father first” – soooo cute

5. Reggie Bush – because we all know he’s the hottest of all of Kim’s exes

6. Derrick Rose – for obvious reasons

7. Jesse Williams – because we didn’t know it was humanly possible for someone to look so perfect

8. Cordarrelle Patterson – for the muscles and the dreads and the scruff and tattoos and etc etc

9. Boris Kodjoe – because he hasn’t aged and Nicole Ari Parker might be the luckiest woman on the planet

10. Michael Ealy – even Beyonce knows 

11. Maxwell – No. Words.

12. Idris Elba – because that accent could talk the panties off any woman. Seriously.

13. Omari Hardwick – was perfect before, but after seeing him turn Gabrielle Union out on Being Mary Jane – well, he got a whole lot sexier

14. Pharrell – Ageless Perfection

15. A$AP Rocky – EVERYTHING about this man

16. Drake – because he’s unapologetically Drake

17. Jay Ellis – because we’re not sure if he’s lucky for having Lauren London as his leading lady on The Game, or if it’s the other way around

18. Pooch Hall – because before Jay Ellis, he was the real reason everyone watched The Game

19. Jamie Foxx – because who can make fighting for justice look so sexy? Seriously, there are few men as perfect as he is

20. Lenny Kravitz – The creator of sexy. God, yes.

21. Luke James – because once again, Beyonce knows

22. Blair Underwood – because he was the only black man to ever turn Miranda Hobbes out

23. Tyson Beckford – the original Blasian

24. Mehcad Brooks – because if you think he looks good with the end-of-the-day loose tie-thing going on, you should see him with his shirt off

25. Columbus Short – because before he was in Scandal, he was doing a lot of shirtless things in Stomp The Yard, and it made us very happy

26. Marlon Wayans – Has anyone else noticed how good he’s been looking these days?

27. Taye Diggs – His constant use of the fedora is his greatest downfall, but aside from that, he’s pretty perfect

28. Tyrese – Although we love 2013 TGT Tyrese, it doesn’t get much better than 2001 Tyrese [and he basically hasn’t aged since]

29. Laz Alonso – Just look at this man rock a tux

30. Cory Hardrict – Tia Mowry’s better half, or is it the other way around?

31. Isaiah Mustafa – The best red carpet pose we’ve ever seen

32. Romeo Miller – The animation was necessary to get the full effect of his sexiness

33. Matt Kemp – Rihanna knew what she was doing

34. Chris Brown – That kinda looks like a handful

35. Frank Ocean – Chris Brown might not be his biggest fan, but basically everyone else is, soooo

36. D.B. Woodside – Yeahhhh…

37. Mekhi Phifer – because back in the day he looked like this…

38. Lamman Rucker – Tall and muscular. The perfect combo.

39. Shemar Moore – ’nuff said

40. Anthony Mackie – How could you not love this guy?

41. Will Smith – the man who hasn’t aged in 20 years, with his mini-me who’s bound to be the same

42. Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey – We love this man, sailor hat and all

43. Andre 3000 – We realize no other man on the face of this earth can pull off this outfit, or basically anything else he wears

44. T.I. – He looks good, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a family man. Major & King might be our favorite celeb kids.

45. Jason Winston George – Not bad, not bad

46. Omar Epps – because this is a moment in history we never want to forget

47. Brian White – You know, this guy.

48. Tristan Wilds – Although he rocks a fedora (not Girl Code-approved) how cute is this guy?

49. Jackie Long – because before she turned to white billionaires, let’s not forget who was turning Serena Williams out

50. Blake Griffin – We needed at least one ginger on the list, and who’s better than this guy?

51. Adrian Peterson – Are you seeing what I’m seeing? God.

52. Usher – He’s dabbled in some movies. Remember when he was in “She’s All That?” Yeah, how could you forget…

53. Collins Pennie – Google him

54. LL Cool J – The list just wouldn’t be complete without him

The end.

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