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Katy Perry is preparing to “Roar” with the first single off her upcoming album, Prism.

It’s been three years since Katy Perry’s last album Teenage Dream, and it looks like the pop starlet is ready to bury the past and start anew. In the teaser for her upcoming single release “Roar,” you see mourners – which include two girls in purple wigs – in tears while listening to a priest cite a few words of prayer.

There’s also a white casket with spinning candy canes, as well as some pink flowers. And you would think Katy would be just as devastated as everyone else at the funeral. But she seems a little apathetic to it all, removing her shades and giving the camera a smirk when it pans over to her direction.

“Roar” is set to drop August 12th.

Check out the teaser up above!