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Funny man Seth Myers made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night – and of course, hilarity ensued. The two sat down to talk about their takeover of NBC’s late night programming; Seth will take Jimmy’s spot on Late Night and Jimmy will take over The Tonight Show.

The two discussed the take over, exchanging jokes. Seth said the question he’s asked most often about the take over is if he gets to keep Jimmy’s band The Roots, who famously covered “Blurred Lines” on children’s instruments recently.

“I think they think it’s like you’re going to college and I get your stuff,” he explained.

Jimmy confirmed Seth won’t get to keep The Roots, but he could keep the sharpies he keeps on his desk!

“People are like, ‘Are you ready?’ Now I feel like I am. I was a little behind the 8-ball, but now I”m six sharpies in,” Seth replied.

Jimmy then put Seth to the ultimate test. He and Seth faced off in one grueling round of egg roulette, a dangerous game where players must smash eggs on their heads; the first player to smash two non-hardboiled eggs on their head loses.

Check it out and see who came out on top in the video above!