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“It feels good…yeah!”

Pooch Hall is “dancing and emphasizing” with Blogxilla in this segment of the No Judgement Zone.

The guys talk about Hall’s new role in the TV series Ray Donovan, where Hall plays Darryl – Micky Donovan’s son and Ray’s half brother. From being one of the stars in the hit show The Game, to being on another hit show with a bigger and wider audience, it’s a different experience for Hall.

“It feels good. It’s almost kinda like being a star in college and then getting drafted into the big league.”

“I got my Kobe Bryant swag on!”

We feel that swag; we see it!

He also sets the record straight about not being on the new season of The Game. 

“I didn’t get fired, I didn’t quit, and I didn’t walk away from The Game. My contract ended, and we were renegotiating. We didn’t agree with what was being brought to the table, so I just kept it moving.”

Just so you know!

For more of this sexiness, watch the No Judgement Zone below.

PHOTO: Getty Images VIDEO: Youtube