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Could you imagine a clothing collab between Kendall, Kylie and Kanye West? If we had to, we would imagine it to feature a whole lotta cray leather crop tops.

This idea may seem like a stretch, but according to the youngest Jenner sisters, we could very well be seeing high-waisted shorts a-la-Yeezy in an upcoming collection of their PacSun clothing line, Kendall and Kylie.

Tuesday, the duo previewed their fall collection just in time for back-to-school shopping at a New York City PacSun. Their new big brother ‘Ye wasn’t there, but they dished to Fashionista on how he’s offered to lend them his fashion expertise:

Kylie: He’s such a creative person and he’s really cool and it’s like very cool to have him in the family now. He’s such a nice guy. A couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen and so was he and I was just talking about my clothing line and how excited I was and he was like, “Your clothing line–I can help you and design. We can do this!” Like, whatever, because he’s just kind of about taking over the world with fashion pretty much and that’s really inspiring.

As members of a family who certainly know a thing or two about the industry and business, Kendall and Kylie say they want no help from their super successful older sisters:

Kendall: I mean with our clothing line and our jewelry line, we didn’t want much input from them, just because we wanted this to be all us. We’re trying to not be so involved. This isn’t their clothing line. This isn’t their jewelry line. It’s ours. We don’t want their input on it. We didn’t need it we know what we’re talking about for the most part.

But who needs them when you’ve got Yeezus hanging around the house?

The reality TV stars have proven to be the hardest working teenagers in Hollywood. At only 17 and 15, respectively, they already have modeling contracts, an accessory collection and their PacSun label under their belts. It seems as though they’ve already done it all, but wait – there’s more:

So you have your jewelry line, fashion design, modeling—what’s next for you girls?

Kylie: We have a book coming out.

Kendall: Yeah, we have book coming out. A sci-fi novel. Different. But we like sci-fi.

Wait, can we go back to the sci-fi book?

Kendall: We can’t really say much about it. Only that it’s sci-fi.

Well, that’s a new one. Keep on grinding, girls!


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