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Tameka Raymond wants her kids back.

After a near tragedy involving Usher and Tameka’s son Usher Raymond V, wherein the 5-year-old almost drowned, the child’s mother has filed for emergency custody.

Tameka is claiming Usher delegated his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their two sons. Clearly those people didn’t do a great job this time around.

According to TMZ, who broke the story:

Tameka has complained about the aunt in the past — alleging she once let a stalker in the house where Usher and the kids were staying. Tameka also says the aunt is too physical in disciplining the kids.

Damn! If this aunt has been dropping the ball, maybe the kids could end up back with their mother. As you remember, Usher was granted custody right after Tameka’s other son, Kile, lost his life in a jet skiing accident.

SOURCE: TMZ || Photo Credit: Splash