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Gladiators rejoice, Scandal is coming back in a big way! The breakout show will continue to give us life as it premieres Season 3 in October.

Scandal will waste no time getting into the shocker of the second season finale. Season 3 will start with the fixer Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) heading back to work as the mystery of who outed her steamy affair with President Fitzgerald is revealed.

The Gladiators will be given the task of handling Olivia’s personal issues, as Rowan (played by Joe Morton) will return to play the fixer’s father.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with show creator Shonda Rhimes, as well as the stars Kerry Washington (Olivia), Tony Goldwyn (Fitz), Bellamy Young (Mellie), Darby Stanchfield (Abby), Katie Lowes (Quinn) and Scott Foley (Jake), to get a taste of what to expect in the upcoming season.

“Season three begins with a tsunami, like this explosion that completely floods the White House,” Goldwyn warns.

Here are 11 things to look forward to in Season 3!

1. Shonda states that 22 minutes will have passed since the end of season two when viewers learned that Rowan, the head of B613, is Olivia’s father. This is gonna be crazy.

2. Olivia has a lot to deal with as she copes with being exposed as Fitz’s mistress and her dad showing up. Olivia is the master of hiding things, but now we are going to learn about her past.

3. Who outed Olivia as Fitz’s mistress? Many people would automatically think it’s Mellie, since she has the most to gain, but Shonda never goes for the obvious. There are many people with motive.

4. The ruthless Cyrus Bean (played by Jeff Perry) also has motive for outing Olivia. Notoriously known for playing both sides to protect the President, there is nothing he will not do.

5. Fitz’s re-election will also be an issue shown throughout the season. With the leak of his affair with Olivia, his future as President may be at stake. Will Fitz have the public’s support?

6. Fitz’s priorities are all screwed up. The White House is in a mess as the affair is revealed and they need to figure out how to save his presidency. Will Fitz get it together personally?

7. Olivia has always been in Fitz’s corner to fix everything, but Shonda wants Mellie’s fixer John Barrowman to return. Expect a couple of shakeups.

8. How long will Jake be stuck in that dungeon? It’s safe to say that when he comes out, he will be bruised both mentally and physically and in need of someone to help him out. (You remember Huck, don’t you?) Let’s see who he turns to.

9. Olivia’s outing will impact the Gladiators in suits in a big way. Every Gladiator will have to question whether or not they are sticking with Olivia. Quinn, the newest Gladiator, has no choice with nothing to go back to and with no friends or family  – Olivia Pope is where she belongs. Will a Gladiator be leaving us?

10. Another try for Abby and David? In the first couple of episodes, both Abby and David have a little something going on. The two clearly still have feelings for each other.

11. Fitz may have seemed to patch things up with Mellie in the season 2 finale, but that doesn’t mean it’s all good. A presidential divorce has been discussed and there are specific events that will go down, according to Shonda.

Make sure you tune into ABC in October to catch Scandal season 3.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter